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Adventures with Mariah! 2020 US Book Launch

On December 5, 2020 we officially launched Adventures with Mariah! and her first adventure!  Here's a recap of the event and valuable conversations from our virtual book launch and signing.  Hear from the Alysse Daniels, our author, as well as a host of influencers as they discuss the global impact of Adventures with Mariah!

Interview with Alysse Daniels, Author

Alysse Daniels, author of Adventures with Mariah! takes us on a journey of discovery as she reads from Volume 1!  She also shares valuable insight into the history of the Mariah's character, and the vision for the series.

Interview with Nana Obokese Ampah I - Apagyehen of Asebu Region, Ghana
Interview with Prince Dr. Kese Jabari Akumene

Nana Obokese Ampah I - Apagyehen of Asebu Region, Ghana shares his insight with us!  The chief discusses the importance of Adventures with Mariah! and the stories that her adventures tell in relation to Ghana's efforts to draw people of the African diaspora back to Africa in a reconnection to their ancestral roots.

Hear from renowned business man and fashion designer, Prince Dr. Kese Jabari Akumene. He expresses the importance of bridging the gap between Africans in diaspora and Africans on the continent. The AwM! team appreciates Prince Dr. Kese Jabari Akumene's support and partnership!

Interview with Dr. Margul Woolfolk - School Leader

Hear from Principal Dr. Margul Woolfolk. Dr. Woolfolk is the principal of M. Agnes Jones Elementary School in Atlanta Public Schools, and it is the only certified STEM elementary school in Georgia, USA! She provides great perspective regarding Adventures with Mariah's future impact on young learners and the connection to science, technology, engineering, and math; which all aid in Mariah' s amazing adventures!

Interview with Dr. Anthony Smith - School District Leader

Hear from Dr. Anthony Smith, Deputy Superintendent of Clayton County Public Schools in Georgia, USA. Dr. Smith graciously shared his perspective and thoughts as a career educator and school district leader of African descent. He explains the significance of representation in literature for young audiences of culture, and extols the virtues, historical significance, and educational concepts presented in Volume 1 of Adventures with Mariah!

Interview with Miss Marley Everett - 2nd Grade Student
Interview with Raymond "Abu" Daniels - Elder

Hear from Miss Marley Everett and gleaned her insight as a 2nd grader, and how she was able to see herself as Mariah! This is a powerful testament to the creative connection that Adventures with Mariah! has with audiences of all ages.

Hear from Raymond "Abu" Daniels, our elder and inspiration for grandpa in Adventures with Mariah!. Abu provides insight into the importance story-telling and the joy of working with his daughter Alysse, author of Adventures with Mariah!


2020 US Book Launch

Event Photo Gallery
Adventures With Mariah Post-Launch Flyer



Mariah and her friends are ready to take you on a magical adventure of imagination, problem solving, and discovery!

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